Jeff's fleet includes large equipment able to remove winter snow, not just push it around. His careful mix of machines makes him particularly competitive in medium sized parking lots: churches, restaurants, etc. You can have confidence that winter snow won't be a headache.   More...

Parking lots are a specialty


Jeff has 19 years of plowing experience

His team operates over 20 trucks during a snow event, insuring you have complete, timely coverage. Plowing, salt, sand - you'll have whatever you need as you need it!


We can maintain parking lots, walkways, stairs, emergency exits, utility paths and more.

Pay a flat rate for the season or by the snow event, you choose.

Split flat rate season costs into 8 easy monthly payments not just high-heat months!

Estimates are always free and we are delighted to quote your home or business needs.

payment plans

Full service

flexible billing


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